Oasi degli Angeli

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    Kupra Oasi degli Angeli 2013 0.75 lt.

    A different wine: original Grenache vine imported from Sardinia to Marche centuries ago and just re-discovered as cultivation (second production by far). The color is ruby red and the nose is powerful with black cherry, spices and vanilla. To the taste is sweet but elegant. Tannins are smooth and persistent. Only 700 bottles produced. To

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    Kurni Oasi degli Angeli 2014 0.75 lt.

    The color is deep dark red. The bouquet it has wide primary aromas such as banana and vanilla, later it expresses red fruits and berries, tobacco, leather and oriental spices. It is well balanced, very lingering in the mouth. Tannins are very delicate but specific and almost chewable. A super concentrated wine, almost a grape

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    Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Arkade Oasi degli Angeli 0.50 lt.

    Olive oil produced by Oasi degli Angeli. Very low production, it is a very elegant oil with low acidity with flavors of toasted almond. Ideal as a condiment and also for cooking. Harvest 2016. Made in only 500 bottles.

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