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    Bocca di Lupo Tormaresca Antinori 2013 0.75 lt.

    The color is ruby red. The nose hints of fruity with spicy notes, well combined with small red fruit, typical of Aglianico. the taste is round, salty, slightly tannic, strong but elegant. Perfect with main course and game.

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    Es Gianfranco Fino 2015 0.75 lt.

    The colour is a deep ruby red. The nose hints ripe fruit, even jam, mirto, cherries, plums vanilla and coffee. The taste is intense where the alcohol is perfectly balanced by acidity and well-defined from an unexpected freshness. Perfect with main course and red meat.

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    Es più sole Gianfranco Fino 2012 0.375 lt.

    The color is a garnet bright. The nose hints of blackberries, plums and black cherries, chocolate, tobacco and spices. The taste is warm and full-bodied, soft, sweet and seductive. Very long persistence. Perfect for dessert or for meditation.

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  • Fichimori Tormaresca Antinori 2011 0.75 lt.

    Fichimori Tormaresca Antinori 2011 0.75 lt.

    Ruby red color with purple shades, it has a rich bouquet of floral notes of rose accompanied by delicate hints of cherries. Soft and fruity in the mouth, floral scents are easy to underline. The only red wine to drink cool and little bit chilled! To be combined with delicious appetizers and antipasti, fish stew,

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    Jo Gianfranco Fino 2015 0.75 lt.

    The color is a deep ruby ​​red very full. The nose hints of red fruit, floral and spicy with hints of rose, plum, tobacco and cocoa. The taste is soft with great tannins, warm and nice freshness. Perfect with second courses like beef and lamb.

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  • Tormaresca-PietraBianca

    Pietra Bianca Tormaresca Antinori 2015 0.75 lt.

    The color is a luminous yellow with greenish highlights. The nose is complex and nuanced with notes of both citrus fruit and tropical fruit in addition to light floral sensations and vanilla. The taste is  fresh, savory, and mineral with light touches of oak. Perfect with white meat and fish.

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