Fresh truffles from Acqualagna, picked in the territory of origin and from there shipped to gourmets all over the world in refrigerated packaging that seals their scent and taste.

Fine White Truffle - Tuber Magnatum Pico
tartufo_biancoFor gourmets this is the ultimate expression of truffle, even if lovers of precious black truffle are growing. It is the classic autumn truffle: the collection period begins bordering on late summer and lasts until early winter. To savor the best of his unsurpassed flavor it should be enjoyed strictly raw, cut into thin slices on hot plates in order to give off the intensity of its aromas and its flavor. Add to cart...
Fine Black Truffle - Tuber Melanosporum
The harvest season is the winter , which prefers to grow under the trees in particular oaks, hazel and hornbeam blacks. You can use it either raw or lightly cooked. Its gracefully intense flavor combines beautifully with meat.
Light White Truffle - Tuber Borchii
tartufo_bianchettoIt is the first truffle of the year , as its collection period generally runs from January to March. Its strong aroma, spicy and with strong hints of garlic makes it ideal as pairing with a delicate taste dishes, where can emerge clearly. It should be used on raw eggs, rice and pasta, either dry or in soup
Black Summer Truffle -Tuber Aestivum
tartufo_nero_estivoFrom May until the beginning of winter, this truffle comes from the forests of hardwood and pine forests. Its cost much more affordable compared to Black and Fine White makes it the favorite choice for culinary preparations such as sauces, the fillings of meat, pasta and baked fish.


"Saved" Truffles , stored in a special brine of salt and water that preserves the characteristics and properties. The airtight container allows you to keep truffles for 3 years; once open, you may want to keep in the fridge and consume within a short time. To always have a stock of taste at home, even outside the traditional periods of collection of fresh truffles [Read More ...]


Specialità gastronomiche a base di tartufo, create con la competenza di chi conosce bene questo straordinario sapore e sa come dosarlo al meglio per ottenere i massimi risultati di gradevolezza sensoriale. Così le salse, le creme, il burro, l’olio e i formaggi acquisiscono una personalità decisa e inconfondbile, e diventano ingredienti speciali con cui creare affascinanti esperienze di degustazione e di abbinamento [Read More ...]

Origin Certified

origine_controllataOnly Acqualagna truffles, area of collection on Apennines of the Marche.

Fair prices

valoriPrices of Fresh truffles are established according to the official listing of Acqualagna Truffle Market.

Ultra fast shipping

Delivery timicona_tempoe fast to deliver at home the intact aromas. One day in Italy Two days in Europe Four days in America and worldwide

Super Safe Packing

cassa_spedizioneWe surround your truffle of precious attention. We create the perfect environment to preserve its aroma, its taste, its amazing organolectic properties . We enclose it in a casing of polystyrene tailored, along with ice bags gels which maintain for several days the temperature ideal for storage.

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We count more than 11,000 bottles, of which more than 1,000 are very rare

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