9 July 2021

Wines ranking July 2021

Petrucci Anfiteatro Podere Forte 2016 0.75 lt.: this Sangiovese, a collector’s item, has to be served rigorously between 18 and 20 degrees in order to taste an unforgettable bouquet. Amongst the noteworthy features, this bright red offers a special finish, which does not hide nuances of rose and liquorice. Perfect with pasta and meat dishes.

Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido 2018 0.75 lt.: this Sassicaia wine’s vintage was memorable and historic, the result of a unique harvest. The scents of red fruit stand out, while the flavours of the sweet and delicate tannins are the protagonists. With its long finish, this red wine is perfect with game dishes, as well as with the first courses of the Tuscan tradition, and many more!

A Rosato Fattoria Aldobrandesca Antinori 2020 0.75 lt.: among the most vivid hints of this 100% Aleatic wine, there are cherry and aromatic herbs that give a touch of unique sophistication. The purity of colour, a delicate, bright peony pink, is also found in the sensory fragrances perceived throughout the tasting. A persistent and fruity taste, excellent for an aperitif or with fish dishes.

Duemani Cabernet Franc Costa Toscana 2017 0.75 lt.: searching for one of the best Cabernet Franc? Et voilà! This bottle does not just have a perfect balance of balsamic and fruity hints, but also a particularly linear and refined aftertaste. Both on the nose and on the palate, this collector’s wine is elegant and harmonious.

Heletto Valpolicella Superiore Garbole 2013 0.75 lt.: a work of art made in Veneto was born from the combination of Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, Molinara, and other grape varieties. A deep, but not impenetrable red begins the tasting of this fruity bouquet, with nuances of spices and liquorice. Also, thanks to the important and persistent tannins, this wine is sublime with a game-based menu.

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