Olive oil and vinegar

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  • Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO Pedroni Extravecchio 25 Years

    Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP Pedroni Extravecchio 25 Years Aged

    Vinegar aged 25 years DOP by Acetaia Pedroni is the only guaranteed, aged in seven different woods as the tradition of Modena. Highly concentrated, very dense is perfect with salads, strawberries and vanilla ice cream. A snazzy for true connoisseurs.

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  • Extra-virgin olive Alberto Cipolloni 0.75 lt.

    Extra-virgin olive Alberto Cipolloni 0.75 lt.

    Extra-virgin olive by Dottor Alberto Cipolloni. 100% Moraiolo olives, selection of the best olives through the year, high quality for this luxury product produced in only 5,000 bottles. Excellent for dressing any dish, very delicate and particularly suited to the Mediterranean diet.

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    Extra-virgin olive oil DOP Organic Kosher Umbria Cuore Verde 0.75 lt.

    Extra-virgin DOP Umbria by Cuore Verde: 50% and 50% moraiolo and leccino olives. Guaranteed DOP and organic, as well as Kosher certified. Cold pressed, perfect to dress but very good for cooking too. A great luxury olive oil directly from the heart of Italy that is Umbria. Considered one of the best olive oil on

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    Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Arkade Oasi degli Angeli 0.50 lt.

    Olive oil produced by Oasi degli Angeli. Very low production, it is a very elegant oil with low acidity with flavors of toasted almond. Ideal as a condiment and also for cooking. Harvest 2016. Made in only 500 bottles.

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  • Olio Extra Vergine di oliva Valentini 0.75 lt.

    Olio Extra Vergine di oliva Valentini 0.75 lt.

    Produced exclusively by cultivar Dritta (also called Loretana and Moscufese), the original variety typical of the area where located, especially in the municipalities of Pianella, Moscufo and Loreto Aprutino. The company Valentini has always been known mainly for its wine as well as for its fantastic oil and grain. They are always great quality products

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