Acqualagna is a special place.

Here we collect, select and ship the fresh truffles.
Here we put into jar preserved truffles.
Here we prepare sauces and delicatessen.



Fresh truffles from Acqualagna, picked in the territory of origin and from there shipped to gourmets
all over the world in refrigerated packaging that seals their scent and taste.

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The “saved” truffles, stored in a special brine of salt and water that keeps intact the characteristics and properties. The airtight container allows you to keep the truffle for 3 years; once open, it is advisable to keep refrigerated and consume within a short time. To always have a stock of taste at home and a collection of fresh truffles, even outside of the traditional periods.

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Truffle delis, created with the expertise of those who know this extraordinary good taste and knows how to dose it better to achieve maximum results from sensory pleasantness. So sauces, creams, butter, oil and cheese acquire a personality determined and unmistakable, becoming special ingredients with which to create fascinating experiences of tasting and pairing.

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Origin Certified

origine_controllataOnly Acqualagna truffles, area of collection on Apennines of the Marche.

Fair prices

valoriPrices of Fresh truffles are established according to the official listing of Acqualagna Truffle Market.

Ultra fast shipping

Delivery timicona_tempoe fast to
deliver at home the intact aromas.

One day in Italy
Two days in Europe
Four days in America and worldwide

Super Safe Packing

cassa_spedizioneWe surround your truffle of precious attention.
We create the perfect environment to
preserve its aroma, its taste,
its amazing organolectic properties .
We enclose it in a casing of polystyrene
tailored, along with ice bags
gels which maintain for several days the temperature ideal for storage.