14 April 2023

The countdown to Mother’s Day has begun

In a month it will Mother’s Day! In some Countries they celebrate her another day or even another month, but in the end “Once a mother, always a mother!” so any date is good to thank her.

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For the mom who only drinks red wine: we have created a special section where you can find the best wine labels to taste glass after glass.

For the mother who loves sweets: vin santo, passito and moscato, on our website you will find the perfect pairing with every dessert.

For the teetotaler mum: we don’t have non-alcoholic wines, but many products dedicated to the world of gastronomy, such as 100% Made in Italy pasta, legumes and salami.

To fulfill any other wish, all you have to do is to play your trump card: the Properzio Card!

Hurray for all the mothers

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