30 September 2019


What is the best wine to pair with raw seafood?

What is the best wine to pair with a raw seafood menu?

If you are the looking for the perfect label to pair with tartare, oysters and carpaccio, the choice could be difficult… But we have the answer for you!

Whether it is tuna or salmon, or even shellfish, no doubt we can make a first selection and limit the choice to white wines. However, though these are the best to pair with such types of food, this is still a very generic choice: it is essential, instead, to know and evaluate the nuances and characteristics of each label.

The best wine for raw seafood dishes is…

Since – especially for fine white wines – each bottle is characterised by a strong and structured personality, knowing its flavour and its different notes is the only way to be able to pair it well with the various dishes, enhancing their taste and aroma.

From the more aromatic to the more fruity, from those with woody and mineral nuances to the particularly spicy varieties, we have selected the wine that can please everyone’s tastes, especially if paired with a raw seafood menu… We are talking about the Fendi Sauvignon Blanc.

The perfect bottle for raw seafood

Why this choice? Because Fendi Sauvignon Blanc has particularly suitable minerality, freshness, balance and flavour that provide the perfect contrast to enhance the sweetness of these types of dishes.

This very interesting wine, to be served at a temperature of no more than 12 degrees, is therefore ideal for pairing with raw seafood because it balances the flavours, offering a truly exciting taste experience.

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