1 December 2021

The December 2021 wine ranking

For the last wine chart of 2021, we could not fail to choose the perfect bottles to greet the old year and welcome 2022. In this ‘top 5’, therefore, there are also several collectible wines, ideal to accompany “challenging meals” during the holiday season!

Just a click away there are excellent wines both for a menu inspired by tradition and for more original or, why not, exotic dishes! On the other hand, when you drink well, each tasting has a completely different flavor.

From Marche to Tuscany, passing through Umbria, Enoteca Properzio has carefully selected bottles that will make your December even more memorable.

…Toast to believe!

Kurni Oasi degli Angeli 2019 0.75 lt.: this collectible wine was born in the Marche region but in a short time it has become an excellence all over the world. A natural wine, purplish red, with a delicate fragrance, characterized by vanilla, banana and red fruits. It’s a super-concentrated bottle of which only 5 thousand units were produced.

Sagrantino Di Montefalco 25 Anni Caprai 2016 0.75 lt.: intense aroma and velvety taste are an indivisible combination for this Umbrian creation. From the union of ripe fruit and spices, an unparalleled wine masterpiece is generated, in particular thanks to the collectible vintage.

Sauvignon Blanc SVGB Fendi selection Enoteca 2019 0.75 lt.: we are in the presence of a particularly complex white wine. Some of its details that are most appreciated are the good acidity and minerality, which make it truly unbeatable in tasting with white meats or appetizers.

Lodovico Tenuta di Biserno 2017 0.75 lt.: what is created by the union of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot? A collectible Tuscan red wine capable of thrilling anyone who tastes it. Licorice, red fruit and sweet French oak, each characteristic makes the personality of this bottle completely fascinating and irresistible. Not to be missed!

Trebbiano Spoletino Scacciadiavoli 2019 0.75 lt.: this fragrant white, with unmistakable hints of lavender and cyclamen, is fresh and round on the palate. Ideal for white meats and fish.

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