19 November 2021


December: the bottles to toast during your holidays

Every year it’s the same story: what are the best bottles to toast during the holidays? A question worth a million… Bubbles!

Actually, there are several characteristics that decree the excellence – or not – of a bottle. Precisely for this reason, the common denominator for recognizing a quality product is tradition, that is the history and professionalism of the various wineries that owe their success, precisely, to the passion handed down from year to year, indeed, often from decade to decade.

However, if you don’t know how to continue in the search for the perfect bottle to welcome the new year, Enoteca Properzio has the ideal solution: a selection of some of the most remarkable creations to greet this 2021 with the right touch of panache!

Moscato Saracco 2020 0.75 lt.: with its pleasant and balanced sweetness it’s the best to accompany any dessert. Top pairing: Panettone, nougat and hundreds of other desserts.

Champagne Cristal Brut Louis Roederer 2008 0.75 lt.: a sublime perlage and a froth of exquisite elegance. It cannot be missing for a menu that is as delicate as it is sophisticated. Top pairing: fish, shellfish and seafood.

Barolo Rocche di Castiglione Vietti 2017 0.75 lt.: a special 100% Nebbiolo, which cannot be missed for a special occasion! Its fruity scents and delicately mentholated finish are a triumph of taste. Top pairing: risotto and braised meats.

Trento DOC Brut Giulio Ferrari Rosé Riserva Del Fondatore 2008 0.75 lt.: it is not a toast without these pink yellow-orange bubbles, with fresh and fine aromas. Top pairing: from aperitifs to main courses, its softness and fruity notes make each glass of this bottle an undisputed example of gustatory and olfactory harmony.

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