1 May 2022

May 2022: the ranking of wines of the month

From a 100% Sangiovese to Champagne, from a Cabernet to a Barbaresco, the wines selected for this month’s ranking are mostly collector’s bottles ready to be tasted.

Paleo Le Macchiole 2018: an exceptional proposal, excellent in particular with red meat dishes or with cheese due to its strong but harmonious structure, which makes it sublime also as a meditation wine. Currants and blackberries are the fruits that stand out on the nose; in the mouth it is fruity and spicy.

Champagne rosé Louis Roederer 2015: a young and formidable bottle. Floral, fruity and fresh, an ideal champagne at the time of an appetizer, thanks to its superfine perlage, destined to become more precious over time.

Rosso di Montalcino Biondi Santi 2018: this Tuscan red wine – with elegant and balanced tannins – lends itself with taste and refinement to a meat menu, marrying perfectly with both the first and second courses. Cherry is one of the main sensory notes, as are tobacco and leather.

Barbaresco Riserva Paje Producers of Barbaresco 2017: a Piedmontese work of art with hints of currant and caramel. An unmissable bottle, which is velvety on the palate, with hints of raspberry and smoke. The perfect mix? With meat main courses.

Chablis Grand Regnard 2019: the main aromas of a bottle of this quality are particularly fruity, without however neglecting the vanilla and toasted notes. It can be paired with everything from a meat aperitif to a fish main course.

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