1 October 2021

October 2021 wine ranking

Intense flavours, fruity hints, spicy hues, strong tannins and long finishes, the wines of the October ranking are ready to amaze and excite any palate. With these labels each toast will turn into an unforgettable moment, in the name of tastefulness and the pleasure of drinking unique and refined bottles.

Duemani Cabernet Franc Costa Toscana 2018 0.75 lt.: a Tuscan IGP characterised by delicate and refined, as well as intense and strong, scents. This red wine presents a perfect balance between balsamic and fruity hints both to the taste and the smell. Ideal to be paired with game-based courses or red meat and cheese.

Heletto Valpolicella Superiore Garbole 2013 0.75 lt.: the structure of this excellent Venetian wine can be immediately understood from its deep and intense colour. Liquorice and spices create an enveloping aroma, characterised by hues of mixed berries. Due to its persistent tannins, it is the perfect combination with game-based courses.

Bianco Secco Quintarelli 2019 0.75 lt.: this white wine boasts an important structure. Skilful triumph of Sauvignon Blanc, Garganega, Chardonnay, Trebbiano Toscano and Saorin, such a bottle slowly discloses hints of both aromatic herbs and of spices and flowers, so as to leave a pleasant finish of honey and minerals.

Pinot Nero Bio Tili 2018 0.75 lt.: 100% an Umbrian Pinot Noir capable of amaze every time it is tasted. This red wine is absolutely perfect for every season – thanks to its fruity and lively taste – and it pairs impeccably with every course, from appetizers to the mains.

Barolo Riserva Mosconi Giovanni Rocca 2016 0.75 lt.: it is not by chance that Wine Spectator, Duemila Vini and Gambero Rosso have awarded such a wine, recognising its exceptional thickness. This red wine originates from the Italian region of Piedmont, characterised by sweet spices and fresh flowers, accompanied by sublime flower aromas. The silky tannins render it even more refined, so as to make it an unmissable wine.

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