25 March 2022


From Champagne to passito: the essentials for the Easter menu

Whether it’s based on quiches, cheeses and salami, shellfish and seafood or 100% vegan, every Easter menu deserves a selection of wines evaluated with great attention. That’s why Enoteca Properzio has thought of four special bottles, to be tasted from appetizers to chocolate eggs!

To savor 100% aperitifs and appetizers, Champagne is a must. In particular, Champagne Cristal Brut Louis Roederer 2014 0.75 lt.: a true French excellence, 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay, ready to awaken the taste buds and to give way to lunches and dinners during the Easter period. This masterpiece is also excellent for fish dishes.

…The appetizers are just the beginning! For the Easter menu, both first courses and second courses are often served (among the most popular of the Italian tradition are lasagna and baked lamb). Guado al Tasso Antinori 2019 0.75 lt. is the best solution as it presents itself with elegance and harmony. A Tuscan red with hints of ripe fruit that convinces everyone from the first moment.

A solution for those who focus on a vegan menu? Bianco Kasher Cantina di Pitigliano 2015 0.75 lt., which with its aromatic notes – mostly characterized by vanilla, honey and hazelnut – boasts excellent persistence and a balsamic finish.

The sweetest moment has arrived, the one dedicated to chocolate eggs. At this point, a dessert wine cannot be missing, but not just any one: the Passito Sagrantino di Montefalco Scacciadiavoli 2016 0.375 lt., with an intense and full-bodied aroma, with a full taste. An exceptional meditation wine, the right surprise to close your Easter menu.

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