1 February 2022

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Barbaresco: taste and quality made in Italy

When it comes to historic vineyards that are appreciated all over the world, Barbaresco is undoubtedly one of the top 10.

Intense, structured, but also harmonious and refined, Barbaresco meets the taste of every lover of made in Italy excellence, more precisely in Piedmont. From color to perfume, from character to tannins, every note of these fine wines reflects 100% the impeccable quality of one of the most famous grape varieties in the world. Gaja, Roagna and Produttori del Barbaresco are just some of the wineries famous for their productions that triumph in the world rankings every year.

Barbaresco Gaja, 2018: intensity and pleasantness are two of the main characteristics of this red wine with orange reflections. The scent is very pleasant, as well as delicate is the taste: a full and dry flavor, with refined tannins. A collectible wine excellent for traditional Piedmontese dishes, but also for red meat and game dishes.

Barbaresco Paje Roagna 2016: 100% Nebbiolo, 100% Piedmontese, 100% collectible wine. A red wine preceded by its fame and its unmistakable characteristics, which have consecrated it among the most popular red wines ever. It will be for its notes of black cherry or it will be for the hints of spices and red fruits that amaze from the first sip, but this bottle boasts an inimitable balance.

Barbaresco Produttori del Barbaresco 2018: with an ethereal scent and a garnet red color, this wine cannot be missing in any winery. A truly pleasant creation, capable of meeting the consent of the most demanding public. A red that on the palate is tannic and dry, but, at the same time, also intense and full. The trump card? The combination with meat and aged cheeses.

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