28 February 2022

wine and environment

Spring is in the air… What will be the grape of the month?

Chardonnay Arnaldo Caprai, Bianco Le Corgne Fendi and Etrusco Tili are the three protagonists for the selection dedicated to the grape of the month.

Each of these bottles contains particular notes and scents, the result – not surprisingly – of three great Umbrian wineries: Arnaldo Caprai, Fendi and Tili.

Chardonnay Arnaldo Caprai 2019: a 100% Sauvignon Blanc with a delicate straw yellow, a full-bodied and particularly harmonious white wine, thanks also to the aromas of elderberry and white peach, as well as grapefruit. It stands out even more if accompanied by white meat dishes and/or cheese.

Bianco Le Corgne Fendi 2019: from the union of Trebbiano and Sauvignon Blanc, a bottle was born that is characterized by notes of meadow flowers, together with those of lemon and peach. On the palate it is full and its mineral acidity does not go unnoticed. The same goes for the very fine and long finish.

Etrusco Tili 2018: what do you get from the skilful mix of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay? An unmissable creation, with greenish reflections, which on the nose stands out for its elegance. Acidity and volume boast a not indifferent balance and the fruity aftertaste helps to make this bottle truly pleasant and well balanced. It’s certainly suitable for white meats but also with fish-based dishes.

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