28 February 2022

wine and environment

The winery selected for this month? Le Macchiole

A 100% Merlot, a 100% Syrah and a 100% Cabernet are just some of the masterpieces created by one of the most famous and appreciated wineries in the world: Le Macchiole, a name that is a certainty in the wine sector.

Thanks to this company, each wine is transformed into an unforgettable experience of pure pleasure. It is no coincidence that these are collector’s bottles that have been awarded over the years by leading wine experts. Here below you’ll find three red wines with a strong and balanced body, with flavors as intense as they are harmonious.

Messorio Le Macchiole 2017: the distinctive characters of this wine? Intense ruby ​​red color, aromas of cherry, accompanied by coffee and smoke. Overall it’s a soft and fruity wine, with an important structure.

Scrio Le Macchiole 2017: a sublime wine, with fruity and spicy aromas. The best pairing is with cheese and red meats, but it also goes perfectly with traditional Tuscan first courses.

Paleo Le Macchiole 2017: it’s no coincidence that Wine Spectator, Gambero Rosso and Duemilavini immediately recognized the incomparable quality of this exceptional collectible wine. A bottle not to be missed, which on the palate is presented with elegance and refinement and to each glass gives original and enveloping sensory pleasures.

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