29 July 2022

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Sauces, salami and organic legumes, the top of made in Italy gastronomy

On Easter day it is not only important to drink well… But also to eat well! And what’s better than made in Italy gastronomy?

Among cheese, sauces, organic legumes and salami, on Enoteca Properzio the choice is truly tempting and with such an irresistible selection it’s impossible not to give in!

An evergreen of Italian cuisine is certainly Pecorino, one of the most loved cheeses all over the world and appreciated for its intense and particular taste.

In the must-have category, healthy and tasty legumes cannot be missing, such as risina, lentils and cicerchia, all strictly organic.

If you love capocollo and lonzino then the answer is only one: the delicious Umbrian salami, tasty and perfect to savor in company.

From truffle sauce to rucoletta sauce, our local cuisine reserves many other specialties to be enjoyed both on Easter day and all year round 😉.

SPECIAL ADVICE: to enhance their flavor you need structured wines, but, at the same time, delicate. Which to choose? Here are five proposals ready to satisfy even the most demanding palates: Sagrantino di Montefalco Cinquant’anni Caprai 2016 0.75 lt., a fantastic collectible and investment wine; Redigaffi Tua Rita 2019 0.75 lt., from Tuscany a full and full-bodied 100% Merlot; Barolo Cerretta Ettore Germano 2016 0.75 lt., slightly tannic and with a gentle character; Paleo Le Macchiole 2017 0.75 lt., fruity and elegant, with a spicy finish; Hatteso Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva Garbole 2011 0.75 lt., a more unique than rare pearl.

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