1 October 2019

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Andrea Formilli Fendi: Roberto Angelini was the first to believe in our project

The relationship between the Angelini family and the Tenuta Le Corgne is not only a serious and professional partnership but also a bond of friendship, esteem and cooperation that has been established for years. As Andrea Formilli Fendi, owner of the Umbrian company since 2001, stated: “Roberto Angelini was the first to believe in our project and we have known the Enoteca Properzio even before starting our business in the wine industry”.

Driven by innovation, yet steeped in the tradition of good taste and quality, with a benevolent microclimate thanks to its location at over 600 meters above sea level between Gubbio and Assisi, Fendi’s vineyard produces seven wines in limited edition, all with a strong personality and an intense and decisive yet balanced structure.

Although in 2005, when the first vines were planted, many did not hide their scepticism – due to the cold weather and the consequent difficulty in ripening the grapes – today this winery represents a truly successful viticulture project, acclaimed in Italy and abroad. Indeed, the vineyard’s production advantage lies precisely in its location, with its flagship products being the Pinot Nero PNTN and the Sauvignon Blanc SVGB.

How did the partnership with Enoteca Properzio come about?

“I’ve been a customer of Enoteca Properzio for a long time – said Formilli Fendi, son of the great designer-entrepreneur Franca Fendi and Luigi Formilli – I used to buy wine from them even before I became a producer myself and every time I passed near Spello I always paid them a visit. I can say that I played the ‘talent scout’ in Roberto’s wine shop and, because of the trust and admiration for him, I decided to offer him the first bottles from my very ambitious project”.

“It was no coincidence that Roberto was crucial for us, not only for his commercial advice but also for the marketing strategy that he proposed to us. The collaboration with the Angelini family is a longstanding one, so much so that when I visit them I really feel at home. Moreover, every year before Christmas we organise a dinner so they can taste our latest vintages and assess the quality of our wines”.

So, what started as an experiment evolved into this ambitious project which is emerging as an increasingly successful example of quality in the wine-making industry, always according to environmentally sustainable principles.

“I wanted to develop these hillsides in a natural manner, always respecting the landscape and preserving their geological structure. Indeed, our cellar is beneath the hill so its environmental impact is zero ”. This corporate philosophy also fully reflects the value and style of the entire Tenuta Le Corgne project.

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