1 August 2021

wine and environment

Barolo: the vine of the month

This month on Enoteca Properzio’s website, along with other wines, we offer one of the most popular wines in the world which is the Barolo. Produced exclusively from 100% Nebbiolo vines, this red wine boasts unmistakable characteristics.

Barolo Bussia Prunotto 2016 0.75 lt.: a wine that can be defined as almost “austere” for its intense hints of pepper, accompanied by a fascinating structure of persistent tannins. It is a product that has aged in different woods and is able to match very well with meat-based main courses, in particular with venison.

Barolo Marchesi from Barolo 2016 0.75 lt: with ruby red reflections, this Barolo stands out for the delicate notes of vanilla and rose, as well as toasted oak and liquorice. There are also nuances of tobacco and absinthe, which give a very full-bodied and elegant taste. An excellent bottle to enjoy together with cheeses and red meats.

Barolo Ravera Vietti 2017 0.75 lt.: here it is a 100% Nebbiolo that can be paired well with any rice and pasta dish. This collector’s wine discloses on the nose a harmoniously and enchanting mix of red fruits and mint while, on the palate, cherries in alcohol dominate, especially with the aftertaste.

Barolo Riserva Mosconi Giovanni Rocca 2016 0.75 lt.: a bottle awarded worldwide, a red wine that with its 14 degrees can captivate any palate. Sweet spices, aniseed, and red berries are some of the essences capable of making this Nebbiolo a triumph of wonderful flavours and aromas. The winning match is with game or cheese.

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