2 November 2021

wine and environment

The wine cellar of the month: Antinori

The wine cellar selected for this month is the Antinori winery, admired all over the world for its elegant and refined taste bottles. Tradition and innovation, as well as passion and professionalism, come together in a name – Antinori – synonymous with quality. A quality that is found in every step: from viticulture to wine production.

The Antinori family, in fact, is an example of centuries-old success, thanks also to the commitment and dedication that are handed down from generation to generation. Consequently, each bottle born in this cellar embodies all the exceptionality of good products of the past. Proof of this are the four masterpieces chosen by Enoteca Properzio for their incomparable taste. From red to white, each Antinori creation brings with it an infinity of characteristics and peculiarities that only those who have tried these bottles can understand.

Brunello di Montalcino Pian delle Vigne Antinori 2016: an elegant and collectible wine, which already charms and fascinates by its color, an intense ruby ​​red. From the very first sip it reveals nuances of raspberry and cherry, without forgetting the hints of cocoa and coffee. It boasts strong tannins, from which a persistent finish derives.

Vermentino Toscana Antinori 2020: any first course based on fish and shellfish, as well as the second courses, will be enhanced by the superfine scents of this white wine with floral and citrus aromas. It is persistent also thanks to its minerality, which is very delicate and pleasant.

A Rosato Fattoria Aldobrandesca Antinori 2020: 100% Aleatico, with aromatic scents, a rich and intense bouquet, savory on the palate: here is an example of a rosé wine that you absolutely must try. With its fruity aftertaste, it deserves to be tasted both as an aperitif and at meals.

Muffato Della Sala Castello della Sala Antinori 2020: born from the balanced combination of Sauvignon Blanc, Grechetto, Traminer and Riesling, this sweet wine boasts a remarkable aromatic intensity. Honey aromas and citrus notes for an enchanting result, both at the end of a meal and for meditation.

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