28 October 2019

wine and environment

Garbole: our friendship with Roberto Angelini began immediately

“We met Roberto Angelini after we sent samples to the Enoteca Properzio, and a working relationship and friendship between us began immediately, one which continues today, with his whole family”. Ettore Finetto, who founded the Garbole vineyard with his brother Filippo, recounts the solid professional relationship and friendship between him and the Enoteca Properzio.

The main objective of the Garbole winery is the production of unique and one-of-a-kind wines, respecting both humans and nature. “Our story”, Finetto explained, “began in ‘94, when, as young boys fascinated by the world of wine, we started from scratch with some winemaking experiments. Since we didn’t have our own vineyards, we bought some grapes, and this allowed us to rediscover some native Veronese grapes that today have given life to the Hurlo, the most important wine we produce”.

“Until 2000”, Finetto said, “we produced wine and sold it in bulk”. After 2000, with the official birth of the Garbole winery, “we tried to make wine in order to produce our own bottles”.

Our company works outside of the ordinary circuits, aiming to produce wines dedicated to a niche and luxury market. Garbole is closely tied to the territory, as it only produces and processes grapes that are grown directly in its own vineyards. The most important wine we produce is the result of the careful selection and harvesting of purely native grapes”.

This is a crucial element, concluded Ettore Finetto: “Today, the Hurlo is a prized wine that can boast the most exclusive clientele in the world, including presidents, actors, singers and nobility”.

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