11 October 2019

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Filippo Peppucci: Roberto Angelini? He is my mentor

“Roberto Angelini a mentor. I have learned a great deal from him about the world of wines, and even his (few) criticisms have always been constructive”. This is what Filippo Peppucci – who runs the winery of the same name founded in Todi by his parents, Piero and Luisa – tells us.

At the centre of the estate stands the Abbey of S. Antimo, dating back to the 13th century and abandoned for many years before the family’s arrival in the ‘80s. An area with as much charm as spiritual resonance, where the task of producing local wines is a challenge that was met in just a short time by the Peppucci family.

The Peppucci winery is among the most interesting wineries in Umbria, boasting wines that are now appreciated internationally as an authentic expression of the territory, and has a “special” relationship with the Enoteca Properzio. “They are all truly exceptional – says Peppucci – and Roberto has a unique talent for conveying his knowledge to the customers. He is also very generous in sharing true rarities from his cellar, wines that would be impossible to find for most”.

The history of the Peppucci winery is a journey through experiences and emotions developed over time and passed on within the family with passion and dedication.

“In the 80s – Filippo tells us – my parents, with their passion for haute cuisine and great wines, decided to buy a property in the countryside. They found the former Benedictine monastery of S. Antimo, abandoned since the ‘50s”.

It was love at first sight. Piero and Luisa decided to give life to a compelling project, although certainly not one that was easy to put into practice. After completing the renovations and bringing to light the building in all its magnificence, they also acquired the surrounding land. Moreover, despite not having any previous experience, they planted 13 hectares of vines on the property, which proved to be extraordinarily well suited for viticulture.

At the end of the ‘90s, “my parents decided to enlarge the estate by buying the surrounding property. This was the first step towards viticulture. In a short time, they began to realize that their passion could turn into something more”. The Peppucci family’s adventure is still ongoing, and each year their winery continues to establish itself more and more as an example of quality, passion and professionalism.

It is a place of enchantment, not only from the architectural point of view, but also for its particular natural setting, surrounded by greenery and perpetually embraced by the sun. At about 450 metres above sea level, its location places it in a special balance with nature, “which makes the cultivation of vines optimal”.

“I strongly believe in the unique connection between the wine and the territory. Tasting our wines, it’s like having in your wine glass a ‘postcard in liquid form’ from this fascinating corner of Umbria, an authentic testimony of the love for our land”.

How was the friendship between the Peppucci winery and the Angelini family born?

“We met the Angelini family several years ago, thanks to our mutual friends – recalls Filippo – Roberto was immediately interested in our wines, as is his nature”.

“Since then – he adds – we have cultivated a deep friendship, so much so that Irene Angelini has chosen to celebrate her marriage and the subsequent festivities at our estate”.

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