7 November 2019

wine and environment

Alessandro Morini: I won Roberto Angelini over with my Rubacuori

“I met the Angelini family at the 2006 Vini nel Mondo exhibition in Spoleto: Roberto had invited me to participate in the gala dinner, together with other prestigious cellars, with my Rubacuori, a raisin wine from Centesimino grapes. That Galeotta Dinner was the occasion on which the Rubacuori (lit. ‘heart-stealer’) ‘stole the heart’ of Roberto, and this is how our relationship began”. Romagna winemaker Alessandro Morini describes the beginning of the solid bond that has existed for years between the Poderi Morini winery and the Enoteca Properzio.

“Roberto was the event organizer”, Morini recalls, “and I was very pleased to receive the invitation, because, in addition to being included at such a prestigious table, I’d have the opportunity to meet him in person. Right from the start, a beautiful relationship developed between us, both with me and my wife Daniela, based on sincerity and fairness, which over the years has become even stronger”.

Morini: a wonderful relationship with Roberto Agelini, based on sincerity

In 1998, Alessandro’s father, Natale, began the Poderi Morini project, with his professionalism and competence in the wine sector as foundation, as well as his care and respect for the vines and the surrounding area.

The entrepreneur added: “When I started the Centesimino project, which is a native vine from the area where I have the vineyards, in Oriolo dei Fichi, I called the famous gastronomist Luigi Veronelli and he accepted my request to get to ‘understand’ the vintage together. We began a collaboration, out of which the Savignone wine was born”.

“From the very beginning of my adventure in the oenological field, I have placed great importance on making use of the vines of my land, such as the Sangiovese and Albana, so I began a journey to highlight the Centesimino grape variety and the Longanesi vine typical of Ravenna province. I have always done everything to make my wines reflect and highlight my territory”.

“Another characteristic of our production”, Morini emphasized, “is sustainability. In fact, I try to ‘inflict’ as little stress as possible on the environment, by avoiding superfluous treatments. We also have a solar panel plant on the cellar roof that allows us to reduce the CO2 emissions and to be self-sufficient in our electrical energy consumption”.

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