14 October 2019


The best wine to pair with truffles

When you have the pleasure of savouring a truffle-based dish, regardless of whether it’s white truffle or black truffle, you must pair it with the right wine!

With a traditional tagliatelle pasta dish with white truffle or a fillet garnished black truffle flakes, not forgetting tasty scrambled eggs completely covered with this delicacy, the choice of the bottle to be tasted is fundamental to enhance such heady flavours and aromas.

Balance and harmony are therefore the basis of our careful selection, from which the Barolo Rocca Riserva Mosconi is the acclaimed ‘winner’.

The best wine for truffles is the Barolo Rocca Riserva Mosconi

Why choosing this Barolo? Because its particular delicacy doesn’t cover the soft taste of the truffle. In fact, with its notes of mint, anise and fresh flowers, it manages to accompany the dishes with elegance and the right balance.

14% of pure pleasure, the Barolo Rocca Riserva Mosconi accentuates the unmistakable character of both the white truffle and the black truffle, giving the menu an incomparable refinement.

Among the most sought-after autumnal products, in Italy and abroad, this ‘special fungus’ boasts a taste that is difficult to resist. This is because it perfectly enhances both first and second courses, but also appetisers and side dishes as well as desserts, for a sweet ending”.

Here below our personal advice to offer to your guests.

Strangozzi pasta with summer or winter black truffle and eggs, whisked with white truffle flakes.

…Bon appétit!


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