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White truffle for sale – Tuber Magnatum Pico

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Available for purchase only in Italy
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Season Autumn
Preservation Medium Term
Region Acqualagna


(from 30th September until 15th December)

For those who love this delicious product, the exquisite white truffle is the best type of truffle, although more and more people have begun to appreciate exquisite black truffle, as well. This is a typical fall truffle: the harvest period begins towards the end of the summer and lasts until the beginning of the winter. To enjoy its taste fully, one must eat it raw, thinly sliced on warm dishes that will enhance the intensity of its aroma and taste.

What people might not know is that truffles belong to the “mushroom family.” Exceptionally, this irregularly round product can weigh up to 500 grams. Its ground is unmistakable: its color ranges from hazel to light brown, filled with light-colored veins.

Purchase exquisite white truffles online from september to december

We only sell fresh italian truffles from Acqualagna, of the best quality. By purchasing white truffles from September to December you will be acquiring an exceptionally fresh product that will release its incomparable aroma and taste when enjoyed raw and thinly sliced on a warm plate. This will enhance your truffle experience.

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