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Exquisite black truffle – Tuber Melanosporum

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Season Winter
Preservation Medium Term
Region Acqualagna


(from 15th November until 15th March)

The harvest period of exquisite black truffle is during the winter, specifically between November 15 and March 15. The trees under which truffle normally grows are oaks, hazelnuts, and black hornbeams. Just like with exquisite white truffles, black truffles can weigh from a few grams to approximately 500-600 grams. They always maintain their irregularly rounded shape. It is quite rare to find truffles that weigh more. The ground where they grow is quite dark: from black with a purplish undertone, to black with a reddish undertone, although the small whitish veins are always present.

Black truffles for sale online

Its delicately intense flavour bodes perfectly with meat, and can be enjoyed both raw and lightly cooked. It is oftentimes considered the king of the table because it can easily be combined with a large number of dishes, while exalting their taste with its unmistakable aroma. Its smell is nice and delicate. Please don't forget that our online italian truffles come from the Acqualagna area today's exquisite black truffle price is 1100 euros/kg.

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