7 January 2021

wine and environment

World Tour: the finest wines from France to China

From the United States to China, going through Spain and France, the usual Italian Tour has turned into a World Tour: a real international journey to explore the finest international wines. Characterised by an intense ruby red, the Spanish wine chosen for our selection of foreign excellencies could only be the Bodegas Vega Sicilia Unico Reserva Especial, with its shades of violet and leather that go together with red fruit like blackberry and black cherry. This is a prestigious bottle, quite complex, perfect to pair with meat dishes.

Another unquestioned excellence comes from Europe: the French wine Château Pétrus Pomerol, exquisite alone or while enjoying red meat and cheese. The notes of citrus fruits and mulberry, which do not cover scents of lavender and anise, are combined with a structured taste that remains in the mouth and allows you to enjoy the most intense notes, including blackberries.

Our selection of outstanding wines goes on with the collection wine China Cabernet Ao Yun, a 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc, produced by the multinational corporation LVMH. On the nose, you are immediately charmed by delicate and enveloping scents like raspberry and flowers, while the wine turns out to be full-bodied and elegant on the palate, with a harmonious ensemble of red fruit, including cherries. How to exalt its qualities? With game dishes.

The last wine chosen for our World Tour comes from California instead: the Dominus of Opus One. Characterised by scents of raspberry and cherry, it distinguishes itself for its strong and intense taste with very elegant tannins. It is the perfect wine for main courses or for meat dishes.

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