2 November 2021

wine and environment

The grape of the month: Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir has no rivals! Whether it tends towards pomegranate or ruby, its intense red is immediately recognizable. The same goes for the perfume, an absolute expression of purity and intensity. Very thick bottles were born from the Pinot vines and the protagonists of the article come precisely from Umbria and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

These are very appreciated premium wines for being particularly balanced, while still presenting a well-structured character. Such bottles can transform a simple aperitif or an easy lunch into a triumph of taste and flavor. From lunch to dinner, every moment is the right one to toast with a selection of excellence, able to find everyone in agreement… Even abstainers!

Pinot Nero Andrea Formilli Fendi 2016: we are in the presence of an unmissable red, with a very gradual expressive consistency. Taste and smell are literally overwhelmed by the sinuosity of the essences. Ideal for red meats, it even goes well with game.

Malcompare Arnaldo Caprai 2016: a very delicate collector’s wine both on the nose – thanks to the pleasant notes of rose and violet – and in the mouth, thanks also to the sweet and silky tannins. A particular not to be underestimated about this bottle is its remarkable aging potential.

Lonsblau Pinot Nero Jermann 2015: the first adjective with which this wine could be defined is certainly “sumptuous”, both because it is rich in well-defined nuances, and because it imposes itself on the palate with the right softness that is expected from a bottle of this kind. Its flavor texture is waiting to be discovered, all that remains is to toast!

Pinot Nero Bio Tili 2018: freshness and liveliness are the key words of this bottle, which is immediately pleasantly fruity. This wine is perfect to be drunk all year round, both for lunch and dinner, due to its delicate aroma and harmonious flavor.

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