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pinot wine: noir or grigio, it's always a pleasure

Pinot wine: noir or grigio, it's always a pleasure

Pinot wine has always been considered an excellency in the wine sector. It is known around the world for its elegance and versatility, and it is certainly a sommelier favorite. The Pinot wine family branch has led to the development of different types of grapes, all equally respectable. Needless to say, Enoteca Properzio owns a large selection of this wine. The care and attention that Pinot grapes require offer a product of great praise, beloved and renowned at the international level.

Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio of Great Quality

For an aperitif or an entire meal, a product of great quality can make each and every moment unique and encompass your nose, mouth and mind. Every day can end pleasantly with a bottle of Pinot wine. For this reason, one must rely on experts, who are quite familiar with these bottles. Enoteca Properzio offers only wines of great quality and the best production years, to be enjoyed alone or with company.

pinot wine

Best Pinot Noir wine

Pinot Noir comes from the oldest vines of this family of grapes, and its quality has been recounted throughout the centuries. Without a doubt, the fruity aroma, characterized especially by cherry and boysenberry scent (alongside cranberries, blackberries and wild strawberries), make this wine recognizable even by the lesser trained palates. Because of its peculiarities, this incredible wine bodes well with red and white meat. It is equally enjoyable when paired with balsamic vinegar, which will also present an exalted taste. A plate with a citrusy or forest-like taste will be the perfect side dish to fully appreciate this excellent wine. Spicy food is also an incredible match for Pinot Noir. Its great versatility allows it to be combined with fish, shellfish, and vegan dishes. Its grapes are certainly among the most vigorous in their family, so much so that its “noir” component specifically comes from their richness and intensity.

Some Pinot Noir are worth mentioning for their quality and expressiveness. Here are some examples: Pinot Noir bio Tili 2015, beloved for its richness, which pairs well with every season and moment of the day. Another example is Byron Nielson Vineyard 1998, from California, which bodes particularly well with hefty meals, such as game or red meat. Another noteworthy bottle is Malcompare Arnaldo Caprai 2015, a wonderful and unique Pinot, renowned for its aging potential.

best pinot noir wine

Best Pinot Grigio wine

Pinot Grigio is the result of a particular mutation. This variety also requires care, although the final result is beloved and requested around the world. Depending on the harvesting grounds and on the vinification techniques, Pinot Grigio can vary in thickness and taste, though always maintaining its standards. It is an elegant and refined wine, the ideal companion for aperitifs or white meat and fish dishes. Its freshness and lightness allow for it to exalt heftier meals, as well, such as mixed fry. Its stronger varieties can be combined with risotto and cheese, as well as with spicier meals.

Pinot Grigio that is produced without maceration is clear. On the contrary, when maceration is present, the final result has a rosy color, which recalls red wine because of its tannins, while maintaining the freshness of a white wine. Among the higher quality products we cannot fail to mention the Plus Pinot Bastianich 2000: rich, complex and persistent, with a great elegance and softness. Another white wine worth mentioning is Barthenau Vigna S. Urbano Hofstatter, considered one of the best Pinot Grigio in Italy thanks to its exquisite taste: a bitter ending that is typical of the grapes that come from its vineyard.

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Pinot Noir Tili organic 2018 0.75 lt.


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Pinot GrigioTerlan 2022 0.75 lt.

Arnaldo Caprai

Malcompare Arnaldo Caprai 2018 0.75 lt.



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