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château pétrus

Château Pétrus

Château Pétrus is one of Enoteca Properzio’s excellencies, offered to buyers at an incredible price. Rich red wines and great production years: these are the main characteristics of Pétrus bottles, a gem from the Bordeaux region. It is a French wine born in 1920.

Its excellency comes from the amazing quality of the land where grapes are harvested, and from the constant improvements in the production process. Generally, this wine is made with Merlot grapes, which are transformed into wine in complete purity. When the situation allows for it, a small percentage of Cabernet Franc is also added.

château petrus wine

Château Pétrus wines at incredible prices

Investment bottles with production years from 2000 to 2016 made with excellent grapes that create a high-caliber wine. It is impossible not to mention Château Pétrus Pomerol, year 2016, which is a collection wine with a ruby red color, and a sweet candy, citrus, anis, and lavender aroma. Its rich taste, and its 13.5 alcoholic degrees, make it the perfect choice to combine with aged cheeses. There is also a special bottle of Château Pétrus, year 2000, enclosed in a wooden case. It is an elegant wine, rich and tasty with cherry notes, whose taste is perfectly combinable with game and cheese. These are the two best wines that you can purchase on our website at an incredible price. However, there are many other important bottles that you can combine with several meals, from first to second courses, depending on the occasion. For wine lovers, Enoteca Properzio is an amusement park made of tastes and exclusive offers. An online winehouse where you can find rare bottles and elegant packaging, if you are thinking of purchasing it as a gift. There are over 2000 labels that complete our collection, composed of Italian and foreign wines.

On our website, which is dedicated to the best wines (these French investment wines, for example) and to gastronomic excellency made in Italy, you will find a large collection that unites taste and quality.

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The best Italian and foreign investment wines

For those who love bubbly wines, we have a great selection of French champagnes, which you can select by choosing their ideal pairing dishes. Among our selection, you will find limited edition bottles, as well. These wines are created through the champenoise method, which comes from this homonymous region in France. Experts know that Château Pétrus wines can become a great investment. With the help of experts, you can purchase bottles that will become a true economic asset if it is stored and maintained properly. This final goal might take years; however, one must take care of the small details, such as maintaining the wine at its optimal temperature, away from light and heat.

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Chateau Pétrus

Petrus 2011 Pomerol 0.75 lt.

Chateau Pétrus

Petrus 2010 0.75 lt.

Chateau Pétrus

Pétrus 2014 0.75 lt.

Chateau Pétrus

Chateau La Fleur Pomerol 2014 0.75 lt.

Chateau Pétrus

Petrus Pomerol 2016 0.75 lt.

Chateau Pétrus

Petrus Pomerol 2019 0.75 lt.



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