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sparkling wines, the ideal solution for every occasion

Sparkling wines, the ideal solution for every occasion

Sparkling wines are the perfect music track for any occasion, for an aperitif or a toast, as well as to open important meals based on meat or fish or accompany particularly delicate foods such as caviar and lobster.

With their liveliness and fanciful creativity, sparkling wines give a sensory pleasure with every combination.

The bouquet, as well as the color, froth and taste are some of the main characteristics of sparkling wines, which structure their personality, defining both the flavor and persistence.

From the bouquet to the color, find your favorite sparkling wines

If some labels impose themselves with a decidedly fruity bouquet, others owe their particularity to the notes of honey and almond. Some of the bottles are intense to the nose, with notes of minerals and dark chocolate, while others are more delicate with hints of almonds and white flowers.

sparkling wines

Sparkling wines: how to give a touch of originality to your menu

An element of sparkling wines that is much appreciated is their froth - more or less fine and elegant - and the structure, with its many infinite nuances.

The combination of all these peculiarities gives rise to an explosion of pleasure, the palate is literally overwhelmed by an unmistakable and refined taste, and the right pairing at the table allows one to further appreciate all the different aspects.

Unique bottles for production and geographical origin

What makes certain sparkling wines so unique is not only the accuracy and professionalism used in the production - which exploits particular methodologies jealously handed down over the years - but also the geographical origin of the raw material that is closely linked to its territory. Therefore, the result is products of great value which are typical of each region.

The most requested and valuable bottles on Enoteca Properzio

A bottle unique in its kind and appreciated internationally, and produced only in 400 exemplaries, is Cristal Louis Roederer Champagne Gold Edition of 2002.

It is a piece of rare beauty, quality and professionalism, and not by chance that it was hand-crafted by four goldsmiths for four days. "Caged" in 7 meters of brass ribbon dipped in 24 carat gold, this bottle was created with great care by the designer Philippe Di Meo and can boast another very special feature: the absence of shadows.

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Dom Perignon

Champagne Dom Perignon P2 2003 0.75 lt.

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon Vintage 2013 0.75 lt.


Cartize Bisol 0.75 lt.

Veuve Clicquot

Champagne Rosè Veuve Clicquot 1.5 lt.

Dom Perignon

Champagne Dom Perignon P2 2004 0.75 lt.



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