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The history of the Valentini winery dates way back to 1600 when this family of noble origins already owned the estate of the same name in the province of Pescara that produced wine, oil and wheat.

valentini wine

Over the years, the various members of the family worked in different activities, through to the start of the 20th century when Edoardo took over management of the estate and started to concentrate the family’s efforts on the production of top quality wines, especially Trebbiano and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, which down to this day remain symbols of the Valentini wine family. This historic, ancient business is now led by Edoardo’s son, Francesco Paolo, who calls himself a “wine artisan”. This artisan has faithfully continued all he learnt from his father, managing, over the years, to produce the very same wine. Day after day, year after year, Francesco Paolo puts the same enthusiasm and energy into his work, saying that he is as in love with his wines as he was the very first day. The cornerstone of his management of the family business has always been to choose an artisanal method for processing the vines and the wine, respecting nature and allowing its fruits to freely emerge. This has led to the decision not to filter the wines, to use only the natural yeasts in the skins and not to control the cellar temperature.

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