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the best biodynamic wines are found only at enoteca properzio

The best biodynamic wines are found only at Enoteca Properzio

A biodynamic wine is the result of careful processes that follow accurate techniques, so as to create a unique product of its kind.

Therefore, from biodynamic agriculture wines are born with flavors and scents that are recognizable and appreciable even after many years. In fact, the characteristics and the qualities of a biodynamic wine can be very favorably compared to any other bottle produced following more traditional methods. Thus, we always talk about fine wines of the highest quality, that however respect rigorous production methods in order to boast the “biodynamic” title.

Those who have tasted Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Valentini 2012 well know and have been able to appreciate, in addition to its unmistakable bright ruby ​​color, the particular scent that ranges from hints of black cherry to chocolate and tobacco. It is a biodynamic wine that goes perfectly with roasts and game.

Kupra Oasis of the Angeli 2014 is among the best known and most valuable biodynamic wines in Italy and abroad: it is a real, rare pearl of the Grenache vine that was most probably imported from the island of Sardinia and only recently has been rediscovered in the Marche region. Its ruby ​​red color is immediately striking, while one detects scents of blackberry jam, vanilla and spices. This wine is so rare that only 700 bottles have been produced.

A biodynamic wine has features that cannot be found in other bottles

fine white wines

Sagrantino di Montefalco Cerrete Paolo Bea 2009 is impressive and unforgettable, and its bottles have even been numbered. The wine boasts a triumph of flavors and scents that reflect Umbria, from where it originates, and that are further enhanced if combined with game and red meat.

Only the best red and white biodynamic wines are found on Enoteca Properzio

fine white wines

Kurni Oasis of the Angels 2015 and Sagrantino di Montefalco Vigna Pagliaro Paolo Bea 2010 are two other bottles not to be missed, and of course they are available in our online wine shop.

Regarding biodynamic white wines, we must mention Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Valentini 2014, of straw-yellow color and greenish reflections, that is excellent with pasta dishes and fish.

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