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fiasconaro panettone: flavor and tradition, taste and quality

Fiasconaro panettone: flavor and tradition, taste and quality

Fiasconaro panettone is beloved and consumed all over the world because of its perfect mixture of flavor and tradition, as well as taste and quality. It is fragrant and soft, in short, a product that is quite difficult to refuse. 

It is available in many different flavors. All variants are characterized by delicate notes (inviting and enticing), and that represent its long history that has made it a must-have on everyone’s table, especially during the Christmas period.

fiasconaro panettone

Fiasconaro panettone: delicious, fragrant, and irresistible

Fiasconaro panettone will always gift you moments of pure joy, one taste at a time. Both adults and children will love it thanks to its different versions, which will all bewitch your palate.

In order to become so soft and delicate this hand-made product is left to rise for several hours, a traditional national procedure that is transmitted from one generation to the next. Special attention is also given to its baking and subsequent conservation.

From our classic line, to more particular ones, such as citrus and Sicilian saffron, or pistachios, all Fiasconaro panettoni reflect the passion and dedication that are the cornerstone of the company.

No detail is left to chance: from the selection of ingredients to the final packaging. The entire team of this Sicilian company, including the pastry chefs, is always engaged to create a wonderful product of high value.

The traditional Fiasconaro panettone is enriched with candied oranges and raisins that are flavored with Marsala wine and Zibibbo, two typical Sicilian liquors. Furthermore, the entire packaging is made rigorously by hand.

The citrus and Sicilian saffron panettone is presented in an elegant tin box, signed by Dolce and Gabbana, decorated with incredible colors. In this case, the excellent culinary world meets the fashion world, which creates the perfect unison of flavor and elegance.

How can we overlook the panettone made with Samperi Sicilian wine, created with local flour and enriched with soft candied oranges? This panettone also offers a customized packaging: a tin box made by Dolce and Gabbana. Alongside this revised recipe, by purchasing this formula you will also be able to enjoy a bottle of our old Samperi Sicilian wine.

Last, but not least, a gem for those of you who love pistachios.

dolce and gabbana panettone

In this third artisanal version, the panettone is covered in white chocolate and whole pistachios. And don’t forget the small container of pistachio cream to spread on your panettone.

This product is a joy for both mouth and eyes. In fact, its box, which is also designed by Dolce and Gabbana, is decorated with Sicilian letters and characters from the Opera dei Pupi.

The variety of products, alongside the excellency of our ingredients, makes Fiasconaro panettoni some of the most requested panettoni around the world.

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