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cabernet: discover the best wine bottles

Cabernet: discover the best wine bottles

Cabernet wine, which is strong and intense, is also rich in structure and capable of enhancing every dish, from an aperitif to a second course. With its elevated sensory qualities, Cabernet wine is considered one of the best products in the international wine sector.

The origins of Cabernet wine are fortuitous and quite prosperous. This wine was born through a spontaneous mix of vineyards in France, in the area of Bordeaux, during the early 1700s. Cabernet quickly entered the chart of the best red wines and today it is widely present on Italian territory.

In Italy, this wine was first produced in the early 1800s in Piedmont, but quickly expanded to the other regions. Alongside Tuscany, the other regions that produce a high quality Cabernet wine are Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sicily.

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Cabernet wine that made history

Among the best Cabernet wines there are a few that are worth mentioning for several reasons, the aging of the wood and their excellent and incomparable aroma being two of them. Enoteca Propezio constantly presents and updates the best bottles and production years, which exist in different formats. One of the most special wine bottles is Duemani Cabernet Franc Costa Toscana, which is characterized by a marvellous color, as well as particular and balanced aromas. Two of the best production years are 2016 and 2017, whose bottles shine with their ruby red and crimson color. It is worth noting that some of the bottles have been awarded prizes by Wine Spectator, Duemila Vini, and Gambero Rosso. There are also important Cabernet Sauvignon bottles from 1998 and 1999.

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Why choose between Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc?

Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon are rich of pleasant surprises, meant to be appreciated and enjoyed fully. Such prestigious wine bottles should be discovered slowly during each tasting, when they release their original aroma and fragrance. Enoteca Properzio’s accurate selection offers incredible bottles to pair with red meat dishes or with cheese, although one cannot overlook meditation wines, which can be enjoyed alone, as well. The ideal temperature to serve a bottle of Cabernet is around 18 degrees Celsius, and its alcohol gradation does not exceed 15.5 degrees. For this reason, its strong personality is central to every occasion, which transforms these prestigious wines into a moment of sensorial pleasure to enjoy during a meal or during an aperitif.

When speaking of special vineyards, one cannot forget Sassicaia. The quality of the grapes and the experience of the workers make it one of the most requested wines in Italy and abroad. Enoteca Properzio is proud to possess a large collection of quality production years that will be difficult to overlook. We recommend that you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and purchase those wine bottles that are difficult to find.

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