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giacomo conterno

Giacomo Conterno

The historic winery of Giacomo Conterno is situated in the Piedmont hills in the province of Cuneo. Its origins date way back to 1900 and nearly as long ago, in 1934 it produced Barolo Monfortino for the first time.

giacomo conterno winery

Barolo: an excellent red wine from Giacomo Conterno cellars

Today Roberto Conterno runs the family business, continuing the story of the winery with the same commitment and passion that guided it more than a century ago. This involves careful pruning, elimination of the excess bunches and defoliation that allows the sun and air to filter through properly to the grapes, enabling them to ripen evenly. These traditional stratagems might even be called simple, with their respect for the pace and the whims of nature but, decade after decade, they have made this winery a symbol of Italian excellence around the world. These stratagems leave the wine's traditional fragrances and flavours undistorted. This can only be achieved with a perfect balance between the terroir and the manual activity. Not by chance do Giacomo Conterno wines represent and transmit in a glass the guiding values that have made it the name it is today: respect, love and comprehension for the vine, the land and tradition.

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Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Giacomo Conterno 1964 0.75 lt.

Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Monfortino Conterno Riserva 1998 1.5 lt.


Regular Price: €2,425.00

- 6%
Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Giacomo Conterno 1967 0.75 lt.

Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Cascina Francia Giacomo Conterno 2010 1.5 lt...


Regular Price: €998.00

- 17%
Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Monfortino Riserva Conterno 2010 3 lt.

Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Monfortino Riserva Conterno 2008 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €898.00

- 8%
Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Cascina Francia Conterno 2012 3 lt.

Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Cascina Francia Conterno 2011 3 lt.



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