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oasi degli angeli

Oasi degli Angeli

The human factor is at the heart of the Oasi degli Angeli wine cellar, sustained by passion, research and dedication. All this is the heartbeat of Oasi degli Angeli.

kurni wine

Eleonora Rossi and Marco Casolanetti, the young couple of wine cultivators who gave birth to this wine cellar, made this choice when starting their business of cultivating Montepulciano wine in Cupra Marittima, in the Ascoli Piceno province of the Marche region. This choice points towards a love for wine and work, putting these qualities in front of the creation of a wine that is technically perfect, though void; a wine that oftentimes, in its path to perfection, has lost the personality of its producers.

Kurni and Kupra: Symbol of the Oasi degli Angeli Wine Cellar

Kurni is the symbol of this winery. It is wine that alongside being recognized throughout the years by numerous awards, has made Oasi degli Angeli history: a Montepulciano wine that gifts its lucky tasters with incredible and unique sensations. Its name comes from the nickname of Eleonora’s family, the Curnì (Cornel tree). This plant is as resistant and tenacious as the farmworkers of this land, as they cultivate this sandy and poor area with passion and dedication.

oasi degli angeli

The Oasi degli Angeli winery represents one of the excellencies of the Marche region, as well as an Italian excellency abroad, for it encompasses the finesse of tradition and the passion for innovation. Their wines are perfect to enjoy during an aperitif or to serve with red meat and cheese. Their quality, taste, and flavor make the Kurni and Kupra among the best red wines. While the former is immediately recognizable for its crimson color, the latter is famous for its ruby-red shade.

Montepulciano Kurni or Kupra: so much to choose from

These are both important wines that present soft and delicate tannins. The essential elements in Montepulciano Kurni are the vanilla and banana notes, alongside nuances of tobacco, spices, and red fruit. Furthermore, it is a particularly rich wine, though also balanced. It is perfect when served at 15 degrees Celsius. 

On the other hand, Kupra offers a spice and blackberry aroma. If you are a sweet and elegant wine lover, then this wine is without a doubt the best choice for you. To maximize its taste, we suggest enjoying it at 15 degrees Celsius.

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