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Organic wines are considered the ones showing a low percentage of sulphites, not containing any added preservatives. Organic wine contains a maximum of 10 mg / L of sulfite.

What are sulphites?

Sulphites (sulfur dioxide) are chemical substances later added to natural ingredients of wine. Adding sulphites during the wine making process it helps to balance the fermentation, the coloring, the organoleptic aspects and to preserve the wine in time. In other words sulphites help to emphasize the prerogatives of wines and in some cases they avoid shortage and anonymity in them. The current laws mention that the writing “this wine contains sulphites” must be present on all labels together with the content percentage. Generally speaking white wines, especially white dessert wines, are the ones that contain more sulphites than any reds.

What are the effects of sulphites in our bodies?

Sulphites, if ingested in big amounts, they cause headache, heaviness or allergies in most sensitive people. This explains why laws are so strict about sulphites addings both to food and beverages.

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