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the best wines of campania

The best wines of Campania

Campania is one of the regions of our peninsula that presents one of the best winemaking traditions with an excellent production of white and red fine wines. The particular structure of quality wines ensures a production that can overcome the variety and quality of French wines.

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What are the reasons for obtaining such fine wines in the Campania region? In reality, there is no single answer to this question. One of the main reasons is because of the particular nature of the soil. The area surrounding Vesuvius with the adjacent coastal strip and the Phlegraean area is characterized by soils of volcanic origin, particularly rich in mineral salts, which ensure that the vines are strong and luxuriant. However, we must not underestimate the climatic aspect that characterizes the hinterland territories, in particular the Benevento area, the upper Casertano and the Avellinese. The large ranges in temperature there allow grapes to ripen optimally and to be characterized by truly unique aromas and fragrances that result in wines with a characteristic taste.

The world famous wines of Campania

It should be said that this region does not stand out for its particularly high production. However, if it is true that the quantitative aspect is limited, with regard to quality the wines are of undoubted value. This result is also due to the production techniques followed by the wineries that perfectly blend craftsmanship and traditions with new discoveries in technology. In this way, it is possible to make production efficient without neglecting the quality of the product.

Campania stands out above all for the different DOC and DOCG labels obtained from its white wines. Among these, Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei deserves to be mentioned, an excellent product made by the homonymous grape which is particularly appreciated for its freshness and simplicity in pairing. Typical white wines of the Campania hinterland are Greco di Tufo and Coda di Volpe. These are two very structured wines characterized by a full and refined aromatic bouquet and with a good fruity aftertaste.

Among the most valuable red wines, one must mention Falerno del Massico produced by the homonymous grapes, which has a dry taste and a robust structure. Taurasi is also very delicious, its name is taken from the city where it is produced even though it contains about 15 municipalities. Taurasi is a wine with an intense, almost garnet red color, of excellent body and very palatable.

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Cantina del Taburno

Bue Apis Cantina del Taburno 1999 0.75 lt.

Feudi San Gregorio

Serpico Feudi di San Gregorio 2008 0.75 lt.

Villa Matilde

Vigna Camarato Villa Matilde 1999 0.75 lt.


Montevetrano 2006 0.75 lt.



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