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the best fine wines in emilia romagna

The best fine wines in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is known for being one of the largest Italian wine regions. In fact, with its 60,000 hectares, it ranks fourth after Sicily, Puglia, Veneto and Tuscany.

fine wines emilia romagna

Its territory is crossed by Via Emilia and is a part of the Apennine mountain chain that presents softer reliefs that are ideal for growing vines, for both its climate and position. On the other side we find the plains that are crossed by the Po River, where the particular morphology of the territory combined with the climate has not made possible the development of a thriving viticulture, except for Lambrusco, the famous sparkling red wine that has always been symbol of the city of Modena.

Precisely because it is the fourth region of Italy for vastness of the area covered by its vines, it produces approximately 6 million hectoliters, which generate fine wines of extraordinary quality.

The typical vines of Emilia Romagna

As with many other regions, also in Emilia Romagna each area of cultivation of different vines generates different wines. There are four areas of wine production: the first is that of the Hills of Piacenza and Parma, where we find Barbera and Bonarda, then there is the Lambrusco area which, as mentioned goes from the hills to the shore of the Pò River, between the provinces of Reggio and Modena. Another area is the Bolognese hills and the lower Rhine valley, where there is a production of white wines. Finally, we have the Romagna vineyard whose particularity is certainly its vastness, here Sangiovese, Albana and Trebbiano are produced.

The last area is on the sands of the Pò River where some vines have been planted. Precisely because of the morphological diversity of the lands in which the vines are found, Emilia Romagna produces wines that are very different from each other, but which all retain the same quality and are very fine wines.

Among the white wines of Emilia Romagna are Albana, Trebbiano di Romagna and Pagadebit which has some fruity and chamomile-flavored features that make it unique. Then there is Pignoletto which is also used to produce the sparkling wines Rebola and Ortugo that have light aromas and are not excessively alcoholic.

Among red wines, one of the most well-known is Lambrusco, which differs according to the area of production and is known to be sparking, with a fruity flavor and lively taste.

Emiliane labels not to be missed

Emilia Romagna is also famous for its production of fine dessert wines, produced from labels with a long tradition and great quality.

For example, Rubacuori by Poderi Morini, a wine that is unique from the first sip is made from very mature Centesimino grapes that make the taste truly amazing. It is a fine wine since only four thousand bottles are produced a year, which is a sign that it is a really fine wine and one realizes that by tasting. It is an enveloping, velvety wine and recommended to taste close to dessert or as an aperitif paired with cheese.

Another example of excellent passito is Innamorato Passito dei Poderi Morini with a yellow color that tends almost to brown, but nevertheless retains a fascinating clarity. As soon as it is poured, you immediately notice a perfumed fragrance, it is soft to the palate and has a very pleasant candied fruit aftertaste. It can be savored with cheese and jams or honey. It will be a unique experience to enjoy this wine. To conclude, one cannot fail to mention among the fine wines of Emilia, Nadèl di Poderi Morini, a deep red, with a fruity but intense flavor, and for this reason to be paired with red meats or seasoned cheeses.

Emilia Romagna, as evidenced by the great variety of vines, is the ideal place to embark on a journey of tastes and flavors, where is it enjoyable to try the intensities of the wines it offers.

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