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wines of lombardy

Wines of Lombardy

Lombardy is a very large region where there is an alternation of climates and soils that are very different from each other. This implies that also from the wine-growing point of view, the productions and the crops differ very much from each other, depending on the area taken into consideration.

The mountainous areas such as Valtellina are flanked by areas of plains such as Oltrepó Pavese and on up to Lake Garda, which has a microclimate of its own.

Lombardy is a very prosperous region from the gastronomic point of view and boasts a total of 5 DOCG wines, 23 DOC wines and 15 IGT wines (Typical Geographical Indication).

The fine wines that characterize Lombardy

In Valtellina, the main grape variety is Nebbiolo, here it is also called "Chiavennasca", with a black mouth, considered one of the most prized in Italy: the wine that is obtained has an almost balsamic taste, very floral, and equally full-bodied.

Among the noblest, Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG is undoubtedly worth mentioning, the result of the vinification of long-dried grapes, which presents a ruby ​​red color, soft and dry on the palate, with characteristic notes that recall wood.

The area of ​​Oltrepó Pavese is instead known for the vinification of Pinot, be it white, gray or black vinified in white, and Riesling Italico, as well as Moscati and Malvasie.

Oltrepò Pavese has recently established itself as a region of excellence also in the production of spumanti, among which Oltrepò Pavese Metodo Classico DOCG stands out: characterized by a fresh, dry, well-structured taste, it presents a fine and persistent froth , and is available in rosè, Pinot nero and Pinot nero rosé.

World famous Lombardy spumanti

When we talk about spumanti wines we cannot fail to mention the Franciacorta Metodo Classico DOCG, which takes its name from the land in which it is produced.

Inspired by French champagnes, it follows the Champenoise method of making spumante, which is that of refermentation in the bottle that can last from eighteen months for the basic types up to the thirty in the most valuable ones.

In addition to the more classic versions such as Brut and Extra Brut, Franciacorta Satèn is a very particular and delicate version, produced only from white grapes and characterized by lower pressure in the bottle, and therefore very pleasant.

Among the Muscat wines, we should mention Moscato di Scanzo DOCG, produced exclusively in Lombardy and more precisely around the municipality of Scanzorosciate, in the Bergamo area.

It is a muscat dried grape from red berries, very velvety on the palate, between floral and fruity: a decidedly niche product, highly sought-after, almost for wine tasting, excellent to accompany a good cheese such as Bitto di Valtellina DOP.

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