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fine wines of piedmont

Fine wines of Piedmont

Piedmont is one of the lands that boasts excellence in the wine sector. In fact, there are several premium wines from this region that are particularly appreciated not only in our peninsula, but also worldwide.

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The reasons for this primacy are to be found in a mixture of elements ranging from the use of production methods based on a balance between artisan tradition and technological innovation and an enormous passion for working in the vineyard.

The fundamental element is obviously represented by the raw material: grapes. The grapes that are obtained in the typical Piedmontese production areas, such as Langhe and Monferrato, are characterized by a unique aroma and flavor and by an excellent quality.

In fact, the vines grow luxuriantly thanks to the peculiarity of the soil, typically clayey and rich in mineral salts, which is associated with particularly favorable climatic conditions. The hills are exposed to the sun for a long time and subject to continuous and delicate ventilation that ensures an optimal ripening of the grapes.

The most famous and appreciated Piedmontese wines in the world

The typical grape variety of this area is Nebbiolo, it is used for the production of most quality wines and it is a typical expression of the Piedmontese territory with a very rich aromatic bouquet with a mix of organoleptic properties. Also the production method used is very important to obtain high quality products. In fact, most Piedmontese producers follow production techniques that require skilful work in the cellar before passing to a period of aging in wooden barrels.

Piedmont boasts several varieties of premium wines, both red and white, which over the years have been recognized with DOC and DOCG labels. Among the reds, a place of absolute importance is occupied by Barolo, perhaps the most famous among the wines of this territory. Barolo is produced exclusively with refined Nebbiolo grapes and is characterized by a good structure and full-body. In the same category of red wines, Barbera and Brachetto are very important. Although Piedmontese red wines enjoy greater production, whites are also highly prized. The famous spumante d’Asti comes to mind, a sparkling white wine characterized by a fine and persistent froth.

On our online wine shop, it is also possible to buy bottles of particular and highly sought after vintages such as Barolo Riserva of Giacomo Conterno or Barbaresco of the Gaja cellar.

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Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Cascina Francia Conterno 2003 1.5 lt.

Angelo Gaja

Barolo Sperss Gaja 1995 0.75 lt.

Angelo Gaja

Costa Russi Gaja 1996 1.5 lt.

Pio Cesare

Barbaresco Pio Cesare 1990 0.75 lt.

Angelo Gaja

Barbaresco Gaja 1990 0.75 lt.

Pio Cesare

Barolo Ornato Pio Cesare 1995 1.5 lt.

Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Riserva Monfortino G. Conterno 2006 3 lt.

Tenuta Ca' Dei Gancia

Tenuta Ca' Dei Gancia Barolo Cannubi 1990 0.75 lt.

Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Riserva Paje Produttori del Barbaresco 2014 ...

Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Giacomo Conterno 1967 0.75 lt.

Marchesi di Barolo

Barolo Cannubi Marchesi di Barolo 1990 0,75 lt.

La Spinetta

Pin La Spinetta 1997 0.75 lt.

Bruno Giacosa

Barolo Le Rocche Riserva Giacosa 2008 3 lt.

Giacomo Conterno

Barolo Monfortino Conterno Riserva 1998 1.5 lt.


Regular Price: €2,425.00

- 6%

Moscato Saracco 2017 0.75 lt.

Produttori del Barbaresco

Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano Produttori del Barbares...


Gaia & Rey Gaja 2015 0.75 lt.



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