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fine wines of puglia

Fine wines of Puglia

If we talk about premium Apulian wines, it is customary to immediately think of Primitivo di Manduria, a still red wine that has obtained the DOC Primitivo di Manduria classification. The prized wine par excellence is certainly Es più sole, labeled Gianfranco Fino which differs from its brother Es for the fact that on the bottle are written the words Primitivo di Manduria dolce naturale. Produced in the area of ​​Manduria, in the province of Taranto, this masterpiece is born in a soil composed of red earth whose vineyards are cultivated in Alberobello that has a flat exposure.

wines of puglia

The vine used is Primitivo in purity. The bunches of grapes are carefully selected and harvested manually. This still red is warm and full-bodied. A great Apulian red wine that tells in every sip the love for this land combined with the wise way of working it. It is an elegant wine and should be sipped very calmly in order to savor every scent that refers to ripe red fruit and to follow notes of tobacco, spices and chocolate. With an intense ruby ​​color, Primitivo is the redemption of Puglia towards red wines. A bottle for connoisseurs, which can easily age in the cellar.

The best Apulian wines selected by our wine shop

The Negroamaro grape is also an authentic symbol of Puglia, with which it is possible to obtain excellent and abundant productivity. It gives red wines an intense color, is highly fruity, easily drinkable and versatile. This vine is able to adapt perfectly to the Salento microclimate with hot and dry summers and to the calcareous clayey soil.

An example is Fichimori labeled Tormaresca-Antinori. A wine to drink fresh and young. Soft on the palate, it is born in the province of Brindisi. Grapes are selected manually to guarantee a high quality product. A still red, absolutely unique in its kind: ideal to sip strictly cooled as an aperitif thanks to the innovative production technique. The color and taste remain unchanged even at low temperatures.

There are many fine, prized Apulian wines that have received awards, the wines we have indicated are bottles for true connoisseurs and also for all those who wish to find and discover Puglia with every sip.

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Gianfranco Fino

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