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fine wines from sardinia

Fine wines from Sardinia

All those who understand wine know that not all bottles are the same. Many are the variables involved, from a constant attention and selection of the vine to the choice of the right microclimate, and then move on to the maceration, repose and bottling phase. True wine connoisseurs know that many times it is necessary to renounce a vintage when there have not been the best conditions for the birth of a particularly important and delicate wine. Therefore, speaking of fine wines from Sardinia, one cannot fail to mention Barrua I.G.T. Isola dei Nuraghi, Agripunica. Produced in south-western Sardinia where the most important red wines of the region are born.

fine wines from sardinia

What makes Sardinian wines so special

The soils are medium-textured, predominantly stony with a relative quantity of clay. The typically Mediterranean microclimate with dry summers and short and mild winters allows the excellent development of the native vines that, thanks to the influence of the sea and the hot sun, facilitates the exceptional ripening of the grapes. Sipping this unique and prized wine, you can perceive the most authentic and refined Sardinia. The ideal glass in which to sip this still red is a large one that allows decanting. Elegant, one is overwhelmed by hints of ripe fruit, spices and myrtle.

About 230 meters above sea level, another I.G.T. Isola dei Nuraghi, or the Argiolas Turriga is born. The careful selection of grapes allows the bottling of an intense and complex red with a unique and rare color: an intense violet, almost black with vermilion red nuances. The climate plays its part also in this case. Very hot summers ventilated by the sea and mild winters allow a hand-picked harvest of the grapes in October and November. The vines are indigenous of Sardinia with a greater presence of Cannonau, however there is also space for black Malvasia, Bovale and Carignano.

The land on which the vineyard is located is a stony ground with rocky layers. On the palate, this Sardinian masterpiece is enveloping and warm. Excellent to combine with native products, it has a longevity of more than twenty years that certainly allows true connoisseurs to learn how to sip it better.

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