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fine wines of trentino alto adige

Fine wines of Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige is one of the richest regions in tradition on our peninsula, a circumstance that translates into a wine production of great value. The factors that make it possible to obtain these fine quality wines, both white and red, are different. Firstly, despite the particular morphology of the territory, the area destined for viticulture extends for over 5000 hectares along the Alto Adige hills.

wines trentino alto adige

Characteristics of Trentino Alto Adige that produce quality wines

Another element that ensures the production of excellent quality grapes is the structure of the territory. In fact, the subsoil of Trentino Alto Adige is mainly calcareous and clayey with a good tenor of mineral salts, circumstances that allow the vines to grow optimally and to ensure an excellent production in terms of quantity and above all, in terms of quality. Even the climatic conditions play a fundamental role: the strong temperature changes and the light and constant ventilation allow the grape to maintain its aroma and flavors unchanged. Excellence in the Trentino wine production is also due to the skill of the wine farms that over the years, while using new technological discoveries to make production as efficient as possible, have maintained the artisan traditions.

The most appreciated South Tyrolean wines

All this translates into fine wines, both red and white, which are highly appreciated not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world.

Terlano is the most valuable wine and is typical of the Alto Adige area. It is produced thanks to a blend of local grapes such as Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, characterized by taste and refinement.

Of an excellent structure and elegant on the palate with a very intense aromatic bouquet. The Gewürztraminer white Trentino wine is on the same level, obtained from the skillful processing of the delicious grape which carries the same name. This wine also has an optimum structure, and a refined and unmistakable taste. However, Trentino is by no means only the home of white wines.

A very well-known wine is Pinot Noir, produced from a vine with a long tradition which stands out for its full-body, structure and intense flavor. Also necessary to mention are Lagrein, with a very intense aroma, and Cabernet, a vigorous but balanced wine at the same time.

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