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fine umbrian wines

Fine Umbrian Wines

Umbria is an Italian region rich in fascination and culture with a well-known food and wine production, especially of oils and wine.

umbrian wines

It is the only region on the Italian penninsula not washed by the sea, represented by a territory which is largely mountainous and hilly. The Umbrian climate is characterized by not very cold winters and hot, dry summers, large ranges in temperatures and widespread rainfall: all positive factors for vine cultivation. In fact 17.000 hectares are destined to vine cultivation which allows a production of almost one million hectoliters of wine. The average production per hectare is fairly low, around 8,7 tonnes: a typical characteristic of quality grapes necessary to produce the best fine Italian wines.

Typical Umbrian vines and prized labels

The region is rich in both white and black grapes, with an equally distributed production in terms of quality and quantity, of white and red wines.

Grechetto is the vine of white grape variety most established in the area and is widespread practically throughout all of Umbria. The bunches are of medium size, oval in shape and the berries are characterized by a firm, thin skin. The grapes mature mainly towards the second half of September. Among the most appreciated and prized wines in this grape variety we find "Grecante Arnaldo Caprai".

Grecante is straw yellow in color with shades tending to green. The notes of pear and apple enriched with a citrus aroma reach the nose with an enveloping and full force. The taste is rough, but at the same time pleasantly fluid. The strength of this wine is enhanced by sensitiveness and it is perfect for a happy-go-lucky aperitif.

Sagrantino is a very small black grape with a thick skin, widespread especially in the Montefalco area. The microclimate in this area is the temperate continental type with temperatures mainly going down, precipitation is greater in autumn. Among the many labels thought highly of and appreciated by fans, we find "Cerrete" of the Paolo Bea winery, son of this dark grape.

To the eyes it has an intense red color and to the nose arrives the fragrance of its land, enriched with red fruits. On the palate it is full-bodied with a blend of pleasantly harmonious flavors: vanilla, blackberries, figs and prunes. Sagrantino di Montefalco goes well with game and roasts. Its structure firmly envelopes the soul and mind of those who sip it.

Pinot Noir is one of the most appreciated vines with red grapes in the world. Umbria, in particular the area of ​​Orvieto, with a fairly harsh climate and a slightly calcareous soil is home to these vines. The grapes are harvested mainly towards the first half of September. One of the most prized and appreciated wines born from this blend is the Pinot Nero "Andrea Formilli Fendi". It lights the glass with a bright red color and to the nose arrives a characteristic aroma of small red fruits. It goes very nicely with game and red meat. To the taste and to the soul, this wine arrives with great, expressive consistency.

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Grechetto Antonelli 2018 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €11.00

- 9%
Tenuta Lamborghini

Campoleone Lamborghini 2004 0.75 lt


Montefalco Rosso Riserva Serpullo Fongoli 2015 0.75 lt....


Regular Price: €59.00

- 3%

San Giorgio Lungarotti 1990 3 lt.

Azienda Agricola Adanti

Rosso di Arquata Adanti 2014 0.75 lt.


Sacreterre Tili 2004 0.75 lt.


Il Campanile Chiesa del Carmine 2016 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €17.00

- 12%
Castello delle Regine

Merlot Castello delle Regine 2002 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €49.00

- 12%
Arnaldo Caprai

Rosso di Montefalco Caprai 1997 3 lt.


Villa Fidelia Bianco Sportoletti 2014 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €13.00

- 8%
Paolo Bea

Pipparello Montefalco Rosso Riserva Paolo Bea 2010 0.75...


Regular Price: €58.00

- 14%

Etrusco Tili 2015 0.75 lt.


Assisi Grechetto Tili 2017 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €13.00

- 20%
Cantina Peppucci

L'Altro Io Cantina Peppucci 2010 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €30.00

- 17%

Sacreterre Tili 1997 3 lt.

Arnaldo Caprai

Montefalco Rosso Riserva Caprai 1997 3 lt.

Fattoria Milziade Antano

Bianco di Milziade Antano 2012 0.75 lt.


Gaudium Tili 1995 0.375 lt.

Castello delle Regine

Sangiovese Castello delle Regine 2001 0.75 lt.


Regular Price: €44.00

- 18%
Arnaldo Caprai

Sagrantino di Montefalco Caprai 1996 3 lt.


Falesco Marciliano 2001 0.75 lt.



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