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fine valdostani wines

Fine Valdostani wines

When speaking about Valle d'Aosta, one does not usually think of wines because of the conformation of the territory combined with the climate, particularly cold with cool and short summers and decidedly cold winters. However, in the last few years some fine and elegant wines have been born, closely connected with the territory of origin.

wines valle d'aosta

Lovers and fans of the most sought after and prized bottles will already know the name of Costantino Charrère de Les Crêtes. He has succeeded in making known excellence produced in Val d'Aosta throughout Italy, succeeding to insert this region among the producers of fine wines.

The context in which its products are born is very particular and difficult: the temperatures are alpine, the mountains are very high and peaks are also important and the terrain has a considerable slope.

The white wines of the Les Crêtes cellars

However, Les Cretês teaches that if you want to get a certain product of remarkable quality, the incessant work combined with love and dedication for your land bring unexpected results and wines of a certain importance. This is how Les Abeilles and the Chardonnay Cuvée Bois are born, both from the Les Crêtes winery, which talk about the Valle D'Aosta in a way that no wine had ever done before, following the values ​​of past traditions with an eye to innovation and the future.

As for Les Abeilles, it is a sweet wine whose grapes are harvested late before the first snowfall and are chosen manually one by one in order to pick only those that have a correct degree of ripeness. To the nose, this white is a riot of emotions: honey, caramel, hints of eggnog and cream that give the palate a persistent and full finish.

Instead the Chardonnay DOP Cuvée Bois is the classic white wine to drink with friends during the meal. The vine is 100% Chardonnay located on a predominantly sandy soil whose exposure is to the south-east and north-east.

It turns out to be a harmonious, balanced white, with an intense aroma of white fruit and spices. Ideal also to sip during an appetizer, it represents in an excellent way the history and the symbol of the wines of the Valle D'Aosta.

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Les cretes

Les Cretes Cuvée Bois 2017 0.75 lt.

Les cretes

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