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italian spumante: the perfect sparkling wine for every occasion

Italian spumante: the perfect sparkling wine for every occasion

Italian spumanti are sparkling wines for every occasion: ideal for an aperitif, as well as during meals or only in combination with desserts, they are the right effervescence that cannot be done without.

Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore from 2006 is one example, with a bright straw color and a very fine and particularly continuous perlage. Compact and rich to the nose with notes of exotic fruit and hints of cane sugar, it remains full in the palate with a remarkable and enveloping structure.

Every Italian spumante has its own personality, discover it with us

Among the best Italian spumanti we find a label much appreciated by experts in the sector: Leonia Pomino Brut Millesimato Classic Method Marchesi de 'Frescobaldi of 2014 and 2015. With a persistent perlage, it gradually reveals hints of meadow flowers, then leaving in the palate notes of fruit and an elegant finish.

One cannot forget Champagne Spumante Scacciadiavoli Brut which, vinified in white, is a decidedly original base for the spumante brut classic method by Scacciadiavoli.

italian spumante

A bottle characterized by very fresh and delicate aromas, as well as a persistent perlage and a floral scent, which conceals notes of both red apple and bread peel.

The color is the 'classic' pale yellow with delicate and slightly hinted greenish shades, while the taste is decidedly lively, but also balanced and of medium structure.

At what temperature does one serve an Italian spumante?

The ideal serving temperature for an Italian spumante can vary from 8 to 10 degrees, depending on the label, and it is advisable not to be served too cold nor above 10-11 degrees.

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