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tenuta dell’ornellaia wines

Tenuta dell’Ornellaia wines

All activities at Tenuta Ornellaia have the same goal: quality. This objective guides the experience, the competence, and the determination of all of those who take care of wine production:

from the grape harvest to the fermentation, when the grapes from the different vineyards are left to ferment separately. The philosophy at Ornellaia is that every starter wine is an essential and determining part of the final result. It is only after one year of being left to ferment in separate barrels that the final wine blend is created in perfect Ornellaia style: elegant and vintage.

ornellaia wine

Ornellaia wines: the excellency of Italy

The origins of Tenuta dell’Ornellaia, close to Bolgheri, in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma, are found in quite recent times. In 1981 count Lodovico Antinori founded Ornellaia in the perfect area to create a distinctive setting. Here, red and white wines can blossom, becoming the perfect expression of the land they come from. It is a region that is quite close to the Mediterranean coast: in the summer months a light sea breeze caresses the vineyards; in the winter months the hills are the perfect natural protection from the cold Northern winds, assisting in the production of these marvelous super Tuscan wines. Both red and white wines at Tenuta dell’Ornellaia are characterized by unmistakable fragrances, which recall the history and tradition of a passion that searches for quality and good taste. It is not by chance that the aromatic notes of these wines are appreciated all over the world. At the olfactory level, these wines emanate unmistakable aromas, which amaze tasters at every sampling. The inebriating scents are freed in the nose, as the perfect harmony of taste and fragrance expands after each sip. In particular, the red wines at Ornellaia are characterized by a unique color: a precious ruby-red, intense, and capable of bewitching anyone who lays eyes on them. If you want to buy italian wine visit Enoteca Properzio and you’ll find the best products for you and for your friends.

Choose Masseto and all the Tenuta dell'Ornellaia wines

To drink a glass of Ornellaia means to delve into a world made of pure pleasure, a true sensorial sampling capable of exalting and enhancing aperitifs and entire meals. These wines are synonym of flavor and quality, as well as attention, dedication, and a passion for excellency wines, renowned all over the world.

While some offer caramel and ripe fruit notes, others cannot hide hints of dark chocolate or aromatic herbs. They are rich on the palate and bode particularly well with red and game meat.

Last but not least, when you talk about Tenuta dell'Ornellaia you can't forget a very special wine: the Masseto. This fabulous tuscan wine is a 100% Merlot and it's perfect to be paired with first courses or red meat. masseto wine

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