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tili winery

Tili winery

The Tili winery vineyards extend for more than 15 hectares over the hills near the picturesque city of Assisi in the luxuriantly green heart of Umbria. The love for this land and its fruits is the force driving this family business that, for decades, has passionately and wholeheartedly dedicated itself to the production of top quality wine and oil.

tili winery

The origins of the Tili cellars

The founder of the Tili family arrived here in Central Italy way back in 1200, as one of Barbarossa’s followers. And his descendants have never left. In 1978, following tradition and the family business, the owner of the company started to bottle the wine. His sole aim was to realise the dream of making the wine recognised, tasted and appreciated worldwide. And this is still happening down to today.

The Tili winery, which produces between 90,000 and 100,000 bottles a year, is now known in the United States, Japan, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. The Tili wines stand out as value products due to the calcareous terrain on which they are grown, a terroir that is particularly permeable and unable to hold rainwater. This enriches the organoleptic profile of the grapes with saline. The strength of this family’s vineyards derives from the excellent geographic and climatic conditions. This combined with special growing techniques and lack of pesticides and weed killers produces wines of the highest quality. Tili products include Assisi Bianco DOC, Assisi Grechetto DOC, Assisi Rosso DOC, Gaudium, Muffa Reale, Assisi Pinot Nero DOC, Sacreterre and Young Assisi Rosso DOC.

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